The story

The world's greatest
fighters are born elite.

Listen well, warrior. You were born of the breath and fire of Solaria the most powerful warrior in all existence. You were minted in greatness and now it is your turn to defend your honor and the honor of your land. Fight well!

What is this?

Welcome to Solfighters, an immense universe filled with 10,000 of the greatest fighters born from the breath and fire of Solaria. These fighters fight in a tournament for supremacy and honor.

Honor is sacred. Every warrior is to live by a code, but remember, the rules are decided by whoever has the most powerful fist. The universe thrives on the principle of comradery, but make no mistake- power rules all. Words are meaningless, let your fists and feet do the communication!


Adjusted based on airdrops and price change

  • 20% Sold
    - 10 Solfighter holders will receive a special airdropped SolFighter NFT.
  • 80% Sold
    - 150 SOL goes to the community wallet for future development.
  • 100% Sold

    - Merch distribution begins for our holders.

    - 100 SOL will be used to start a SolFighter Comic.

    - Full official toy figure collectible line.

    - 500 SOL will be used to expand game dev team for SolFighters play to earn fighting game.

The Team

  • FalconPunch

    Founder and Marketing

  • uncertified lover boy

    Web Engineer

  • revolvingcore

    UX Designer

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